Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday 11th February - Staging & Slabs

Spouse was available to construct our staging table and lay slabs today. Although Mel is still pretty crippled with her bad arm, she did a brilliant weeding job in the greenhouse. A barrow load of manure was added and it now looks perfect for growing tomatoes.

My sister then decided to pay us a visit, looking as out of place on an allotment as the Queen would in a greasy spoon cafe. Fortunately, she brought my nine year old nephew who immediately constructed a coldframe that would have taken Steve and Nick the best part of a week. He also helped me peg down the weed suppressing black fabric over our strawberries. It had all blown off in the wind this week.

To top off a lovely day, Steve arrived with a gas cooker, frying pan and sausages. He made us all sausage sandwiches with fried onion and brown sauce - delicious. Tomorrow rain is forecast which means Mel and I can get the greenhouse organized and maybe sow some seeds.


Anonymous said...

Saturday the 8th of Feb?????????
You Daft Bint!!
Now pass me another Grow bag i've buggered this one

Allotment No 21 said...

Anonymous my foot! Steve or Lard... which one are you?

Ella said...

honestly im debating whether this whole thing can actually get any sadder?!?!

Allotment No 21 said...

Ella - you are 18 years old, why are you reading an allotment blog about your Mother? Shouldn't you be out there binge drinking or something?!