Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday 25 February - To Sprout Or Not To Sprout.

Yesterday we had snow, today is sunny and windy, perfect sailing weather but the season at Llangorse is a few weeks away yet.

I left Spouse glued to the earthwise dating site looking for a new wife and headed off to Allotment 21 to do a spot of watering. All the seeds in the guttering have germinated well apart from the coriander. Nothing is happening with the sprouts in the coldframe or the tomatoes in the manure heated propagator. I couldn't resist putting my hand inside the propagator to see if it had worked and was thrilled to feel that it has.

I was about to go home and harass Spouse when our next-door-but-one lottie neighbour arrived. Her name is Katie and her plot is really nice. Katie has a great greenhouse and lots of kale, leeks and bulbs. Seeing all her lovely beds inspired me to dig up the two outside our greenhouse which had become very compacted with all the shed and greenhouse construction work. The soil was just about dry enough to be diggable but after an hour or so I came home for a cuppa.


The Duchess said...

Don't be silly - it's WAY too cold for sailing. Although the pub afterwards is tempting...

Allotment No 21 said...

Hello Duchess!
We're off to the Dinghy show this weekend where I will be eyeing up DRYSUITS. It was April last year when we had our first first capsize and it bloomin' was way too cold. Will we see you up there looking for some dinghy filler for all those dents???