Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday 19th March - Marrow Music

I've noticed that one or two of the other allotment blogs have a musical bent and was therefore very pleased when my Godson Morgan appeared on site today together with his sister Tilly.

Tilly had come hot-footed from winning a prestigious flute playing competition and was persuaded to give the salad seedlings an impromptu concert. I will have to dig out my recorder and perform to the marrow next week, perhaps that old Blow Monkeys tune, 'Digging your Scene'.

Go for it Den...


Anonymous said...

Motorhead - 'The Ace of Spades'

The Duchess said...

Could bring my 4 God Trolls down, complete with trombone, leccy guitar, flute and drum kit. That would get the lettuces going.

Pundit Singh al Den said...

Well done for the musical therapy - note that idea. You shouldn't have any treble feeling crotchet-y with your veg now - it's the key to success with the minim-um of staff as long as you pitch it right and don't get clef behind - sol-fa so good....

Hey, as a complete contrast to the genteel tones of the flute that they've been getting today, I wonder if your seedlings would thrive if I came up &
unleashed a helping of 'Bend & Flush' by the Pork Dukes, at 100db. They might lean in the opposite direction!

(PS - Well done to Tilly for winning her class in the Festival. Did she get a piano player in the end?)

Den the Punning Sad Git said...

Or what about...

'Shovel Tear Us Apart' - Joy Division

'Peas Release Me' - Engelbert Humperdinck

'Hoe's Sorry Now' - Connie Francis

..and here's a real one: 'Digging My Potatoes' by Heinz - got to no.49 in 1965

punnets of den said...

...and of course you could have...

'When the going gets tough, the tough get growing'

'Going to a Grow-Grow'

'Sweet Soil Music'

'Beg, Steal or Barrow' - New Seekers

'Come Up And See Me, Rake Me Smile'

- or anything by Depeche Mowed

- or Robert Plant

- or Right Said Shed


Allotment No 21 said...

And don't forget Kate Bush

den the pun said...


'Twist and Sprout'

- and of course there's Jasper Carrot

- or the Cranberries

Allotment No 21 said...

Prefab Sprout

friend of spouse said...

You could always use a nice little jazz number by 3 Bean Salad!

Brain salad surgery - Emerson Lake & Palmer

Or if they needed their spirits lifting you could always use a good old fashioned power salad to put a spring in their step

Sarah choice26 said...

You can't beat radio one! I leave my solar powered radio on so when its bright my tender seedlings have something to listen to. Must be working as my sweet peas for my wedding are already 9 inches tall!