Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday 26th March - Seed Massacre

A dodgy knee (again) prevented me from digging this weekend which was a shame as the potatoes and carrots are ready to go in. I confined myself to the greenhouse and potted up the marigolds which have germinated at home. They have become very leggy this week and I think they would have all flopped over and died if something hadn't been done.

I am highly skilled in the subtle arts of killing seedlings and although I took great care with the dibber and only touched the leaves, I fully expect a tray of dead plants by the end of the week.


she who digs said...

I hope you seedlings survive! They may have been affected by 'damping off' which is a fungus or virus nasty. Another Blogger (can't remember who- sorry) said that this can be avoided by watering seedlings with COLD camomile tea! I bought some bags at the weekend as it is also supposed to stop the horrible looking white fungus that grows on the toilet roll tubes I'm growing my sweet peas in! Good Luck! Sarah

Allotment No 21 said...

I get confused as sometimes the white fungus looking bit at the base of a very uoung seedling is the fuzzy roots forming. This is especially true if they are sown on the surface. Will buy some camomile tea and give that a go thanks. Wonder if comfrey tea does the same... I've got a big unused bag of that at home... will ask the herbalist on Wednesday.