Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday 5th March - Frozen Beer

A very quiet weekend on Allotment 21. Mel & Steve went off to Saundersfoot for the weekend while Spouse & I spent Saturday at the dinghy show in London. I was therefore expecting to find thousands of slug corpses in my beer traps this morning. Much to my disappointment, all the traps look as though they have been frozen throughout the week and our slugs are obviously expert in ice skating.

On a more positive note, the greenhouse seedlings are looking really amazing, even the coriander seeds were showing signs of life today. The soil in the guttering was very dry however and I think that one of us will have to call up mid-week from now on to water them.

I was pondering this thought when Spouse appeared on his mountain bike. He had returned from a long, muddy cycle ride to find himself locked out and a 'gone to the allotment' note pinned on the door. He rode up and down the manure heap a few times, was duitifully impressed with the seedlings and hurtled off with the house keys.

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