Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday 16th March - Comfrey aka 'Knitbone'

Rowan-the-herbalist has suggested making a comfrey feed for the marrow which is also good for tomatoes. She has promised to bring me a comfrey root to grow on the allotment.

I fear that she has a bit of a comfrey fixation because she insisted that Spouse drink comfrey tea to speed up the healing of his broken arm last September. Spouse refused point blank after the first sip which means I have a large bag of the foul tasting stuff handy. Turns out that only fresh comfrey will do for the plant food and joy oh joy it will "stink".

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Spouse said...

I did drink several large mugs of the stuff, a feat of which I am justly proud considering the nastyness of it. However, I do recommend that everyone tries it at least once... in comparison it makes McDonalds taste like ******* Gordon Ramsay!