Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday 2nd April 9am - Bird-Box-Cam Update

The bird activity slowed down on Saturday and we thought that they might have abandoned the nest. They reappeared at around 5pm and once more started bringing in mossy material. These photos were taken at 9am this morning and show that there is still a long way to go. The lighter coloured patch in the empty nest is the floor of the Cam Box which they still haven't covered. If you look through the window behind, you will see one of the tits on the bird table eating the sunflower hearts which we have delivered by the sackload.

The second photo shows one of the tits 'on the nest'. When in the box they have started to sit like this for a few minutes after they have pushed all the moss into the corners.

Have decided that if they do abandon the nest I will push some chocolate mini-eggs through the hole, invite Sister round for a coffee and see if she notices anything...


lilymarlene said...

That video was brilliant. I'll have to save to get one of these for next spring. And what a present it'd make for a lonely person!
Have you thought of setting up a site so that we could all access this nest 24 hours if we want? I'd bookmark it!

Allotment No 21 said...

Thanks Lilymarlene,

I daren't broadcast it 24/7 as I'd be watching it all day at work and would get sacked! Steve suggested adding the video clip because it is so much better when you see the birds flying in and out - still pictures just don't do it justice.

It comes with all the kit, you just screw it onto a tree, plug it in the tv and wait for a bird - much easier than building a greenhouse.

Jim and Barbara said...

We have blue tits starting to nest for the first time in a box that we put up when we got our plot two years ago. I would love to have a cam in the box but as our allotment is three miles from home the lead may be a tad to long.

By the way great blog, keep keeping me amused.