Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 27th April - Fame

Ireland was fantastic, toured all the ancestral highlights (some photos on flickr), sampled plenty of Guinness and came back to famous tits. Wiggly Wigglers produce a weekly podcast which Spouse & Steve are hooked on, they download it every week and discuss it in the pub. The lovely Wiggly roving-reporter, Richard called in to take a look at our bird box cam and has recorded me wittering on about the blue tit on podcast No. 28. Listen very closely and you will even hear Tiggy the cat at the beginning!

While Richard was here, he noticed our kitchen compost bin and told me about Bokashi. This stuff consists of micro-organisms that create brilliant compost very quickly. I didn't really believe it but ordered some and have been converted.

And the famous gardener?? Spouse smugly informed me that while I was away he posted a clue as Parus Palustris which, "As any good birder would know" is Latin for Marsh Tit. Yep, it's Alan Titchmarsh 10 points to all who got it right.

Finally - here she is leaving 10 eggs this morning...

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Lisa said...

Very nice blog. The server was having difficulties when I stopped by, so I'll be back to do further reading. Glad your trip to Ireland was a good one. We loved it there when we visited a few years back.