Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday 20th June - Slash 'em Advice

Our neighbouring plotholder has told me off for reading too many gardening books. Having spent 9 years running a bookshop it is pretty difficult for me to avoid them but, in his opinion, it has lead to my downfall in the greenhouse. Allowed in to take a look, he cut a swathe through the tomato plants, ignoring my pleas of companion planting, yanking out the basil ("weeds") while muttering about not believing in all that nonsense.



chris said...

Cheeky blighter!
Is that a solar shower you have hanging in your greenhouse?
What do you do with it and how hot does it get?.
I've just bought one.

Talbin said...

Oh my! Don't ever allow that so-and-so back in again! Even if he doesn't agree with what you're doing, it really doesn't matter because it's *your* greenhouse.

Mildew said...

Does he not realise there are different ways to do things? I'm quite shocked at his rudeness. I'm guessing he's rather old and has been there for years and years. Those that get stuck in their ways get annoyed at others different techniques. Miserable old sod.

So what books would you reccomend to do with companion planting? I've been meaning to get one for ages.

she who digs said...

Don't know much about companion planting, but do any of your books say not to water your toms too much as it destroys the flavour?

I experimented with this last year, and had a tasty bumper crop- but don't know whether that was down to the variety or my frugal watering!

Your 'solar shower' must get hot- as even the water in my black water butts get pretty warm! (Would recommend painting shading on the glass before showering though- you don't want your rude neighbour to have an excuse to return!) SWD

Allotment No 21 said...

He is a Pensioner and has had a plot for years. I suspect he has never tasted basil... I will have to convert him with some basil, tomato & mozzarella salad!

I have a stack of books but really like Sarah Raven, Caroline Foley and the Veg & Herb Expert by D.G. Hessayon which looks really dated but is brilliant. I also like the web charts like the one at http://www.no-dig-vegetablegarden.com
and other allotment blogs which are a huge help.

All my info says to keep tomatoes very well watered. Were you growing in growbags or directly in the soil?

joy said...

I think some experienced allotmenteers are afraid of newcomers doing better than them.
Talking of books, went to an allotment exhibition in London yesterday run by the RHS at their library, never seen so many books on veg and allotments! The RHS were pushing their book called 'the half hour allotment' which didn't look half as nice as 'the allotment book' by andi clevely- which I've now ordered on amazon for a much reduced price.
One of the nicest veggie books around is 'creative vegetable gardening' by joy larkcom.

Allotment No 21 said...

Oooh, I think I am going to have to order the Joy Larkom book, it looks fantastic. I really miss working in the bookshop as I don't get to see the new titles (or proof copies)anymore!

she who digs said...

My tomatoes were grown on the greenhouse bed in Bakelite tubes filled with home made compost(20cm H & D)given to me by my dad. He has used them ever since I can remember but taste may just be down to the variety! (I feel a trial coming on for next year!)

Wildside Musing said...

Yikes! :-o