Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday 16th July - Marrowthon

Just look at the size of our giant marrow - even Spouse is impressed. Not sure what to do with the purple borlotti (we think) beans in the background - does anyone have any tips? When do we harvest / cook etc etc!


Greenmantle said...

That's an impressive marrow my it done yet or still a work in progress?

I grew borlotti last year. I just waited 'til the plant's started to die and the pods went brittle, then picked them all off and dried them out like you do with onions. It's probably best to do this on newspaper, on the floor in the spare room or somewhere, as if you leave them to dry outside and you get a heavy dew, or a shower of rain they can go mouldy.

Once the pods are completely dry, shell out the beans and keep them in a storage jar for adding to soup & stews etc. They keep for years. You just have to soak them overnight, and boil them first like any dried pulses. Mine have been doing sterling service in casseroles and cassoulets. They have a very creamy texture once cooked.

Allotment No 21 said...

I hope the marrow keeps growing. This after all is a bet and serious business!