Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday 26th September - No Marrow

Spouse begged me not to cook Delia's stuffed marrow recipe for supper last night. Marrow ranks along with sprouts and cauliflower in Spouse's top 10 list of most hated vegetables.

Rather a shame considering the amount of marrows on Allotment 21.


Gary James said...

Marrow might be awful eating but as a word it has great comedy value. The word 'trousers' is similarly important. Put them together and you have a classic. As a comedy writer it's imperitave that I get my trousers down and my marrow out in the first paragraph.

Gordon M said...

Bragging again. Most of us have to make do with courgettes.

Greenmantle said...

But what news of "Simon", and the "longest bean", and,.. and.. and.. the "biggest cabbage" ?

(Or did I miss something earlier ?)

Allotment No 21 said...

I suspect that our rivals, known blog-readers, have been scared off!