Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday 20 February - Another Card

I went to the Galanthus Gallery with Mel on Saturday morning and although I couldn't afford the art there, I had to buy this card for my desk at work. The card website is


Jean said...

Just added 3 new blogs from your links to my favourites-it's becoming a bit of an addiction reading these lottie/gardening blogs-have been searching for more new ones but hadn't spotted these 3 before now so thanks!
Loved the card by the way.

Allotment No 21 said...

Thanks Jean, I only found dirtyhoes (brilliant name) by clicking on a 'who links to your site' tag. I am sure there are more out there and I'm really looking forward to them starting to sow and plant in the next month. It's driving Spouse mad.

Dave said...

Hi, I really love your blog - I check it all the time. I have an allotment blog of my own and I have included a link to your blog. I wonder if you'd consider adding my blog to your list of links?

Thanks, Dave.