Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday 19 February - It'll Be Worth It Next Christmas

It is a cold, damp, grizzly English day and I have read on Wizer's blog that he is off to Venice. I have never been and am rather envious.

Thinking ahead to next December I know that Spouse will refuse point blank to eat his sprouts on Christmas day and no amount of cajoling, "one for the postman..." will work. Well according to Caroline Foley in the Allotment Handbook, Rubine sprouts are 'An epicure dwarf red sprout with outstanding flavour'. I have also read that they are great shredded raw in salads. All this combined with the fact that they are not green will hopefully convince him to at least try one. I have started off this morning planting 20 jiffy 7s with 2 seeds in each and placed them all in the coldframe on some cardboard for insulation.

Whilst I was on the allotment I also put the tomato jiffys into an unheated propagating tray and placed them on top of the manure in the greenhouse. Hopefully the manure will generate enough heat to trigger germination this week.

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Allotment Lady said...

I have just found your blog and very interesting it is too - yes Wizer is lucky going to Venice isn't he - perhaps we can all get some work done up out allotments to make him a bit envious of us!

Will be popping back regularly to compare notes with my lottie and yours. Am very envious of your green house - something I can only dream of.