Sunday, March 05, 2006

Friday 3 March - TV Allotments

It was by pure accident that we caught the start of the Gardeners' World Allotment Special. I rang Mel to let her know and settled down to watch. It was great seeing all the different plots, tips, and the persistant allotment rule breaking. After the show, Spouse and I walked to the local with Mel & Steve to compare notes:

1. We will plant our potatoes on leaves, 3 sheets of newspaper and grass cuttings this year.
2. Acquire 2 bricks for our coriander seeds.
3. Mel wants to grow strawberries in carpet troughs.
4. Spouse wants to make fruit and beer drinks in the shed
5. Mel is not terrified of the Osteopath
6. Spouse wants to know why someone would go to so much trouble to dye dishcloths?
8. Steve fancies women who garden
7. Monty Don is not so bad after all

I wonder which ones will be regretted along with Saturday's hangover?


Jean said...

I was a bit disappointed the GW prog with Monty was a repeat -however I might try the tip re detering carrot fly ie banking up the soil around the carrot tops

Allotment No 21 said...

Hi Jean,

Yes, Mel liked the carrot tip as well. We must have missed it first time around.

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