Friday, March 31, 2006

Saturday 1st April - Knee Therapy

I feel that I have covered all the bases with my dodgy knee this week:
Monday - Acupuncture during lunch break with Christopher
Tuesday - Healing with Barbara
Wednesday - A cabbage with Rowan
Thursday - Supplements with Alison
Friday - Beer with Spouse

Saturday - Sitting in the greenhouse issuing instructions. Obviously a long way to go before a full recovery enables me to dig, weed or do anything too strenuous.


clairesgarden said...

I prescribe you 'sitting' and 'cups of tea'. hope your knee is better soon!

Petunia's Gardener said...

I can tell those seedlings are hanging on to your every word! Keep talking to them and it will be your best garden yet - this could be the secret to a true no dig garden. Best wishes for healing, though.

Greenmantle said...

Didn't realise it was so bad that you had to have an IV drip rigged up...Vodka?

Allotment No 21 said...

It would have to be red wine and I would want a much bigger bag!

Wildside Musing said...

I found my way here via Claire sometime back and really have been enjoying brief visits to your blog... Thought I'd better come out of hiding here and just admit it.

Plus, mainly wanted to say: Good luck with your knee -- hope it is healing up nicely soon!