Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday 12 March - A Little Snow

I was going to show off loads of pictures of Allotment 21 under a carpet of snow today but thought better of it after viewing Plot c81 and Claire's Garden who both look as though they had a really good coating.

Spouse was rather tender this morning following 5 pints of beer last night and it took a cooked breakfast to get him moving. A phonecall from Steve scuppered the allotment plans as snow would prevent us from doing any digging. Spouse and I decided that we would take a walk up there just to check all was well and get some fresh air.

The allotment is a 20 minute walk from home which was lovely in the snow, there was nobody on the site and I was relieved to see the greenhouse thermometer was above freezing. Still fed up about the brandywine tomatoes I lifted the propagator lid to display our failed crop to Spouse. Lo and behold there was a sign of life, amazing in all this freezing weather. Tomatoes obviously pay no heed to all the expert advice in gardening books.

The jiffy 7's were very dry and we gave the fledgling brandywine some water before locking up the greenhouse. For a brief moment I did consider bringing the almost-sprouting tomato home where it is warm but I figured that it has managed to get this far in the greenhouse so it might as well stay there!


clairesgarden said...

glad to see you're all wrapped up, I went for a walk yesterday and deliberatly stepped in all the deepest snow like a big kid! my greenhouse was above 0 too. I have used those little jiffy's before and I found they always got dry, they make for easy transplanting though which is great.

Allotment No 21 said...

I had about 10 layers on and was boiling hot after about 3 minutes! Spouse cajoled me into going for a 5 mile walk after the allotment, eating snow as we had no water. By the time we got home it had nearly all melted so no snowman in our garden. I was very envious of your snow, it looked really deep.