Monday, March 06, 2006

Tuesday 7th March - Tomato Identification Parade

Mel still reckons that our greenhouse tomatoes will germinate because the coriander went in on the same day and has only just started to appear. As an insurance measure, I heated up my home propagator and sowed the remaining tomato seeds last night. Not being on the plot, I ingeniously cut up a yogurt pot and used the black felt tip pen from our kitchen calendar to label each of the four different tomato varieties. The overall effect looked rather smart and I took this photo before watering them.

Thank goodness for photo software which allows me to zoom in to that picture and map out exactly which tomatoes went where in the propagator. If you look closely at photo No 2, taken this morning, you will see that all the ink ran off the homemade labels overnight. A tomato identification nightmare!


clairesgarden said...

ooer! tomato mystery! bet they all still taste great!

Dave said...

Ohh now you've got me worried. Haven't even thought about sowing my tomatoes yet.

sister said...

Would'nt it be simpler to by them from Sainsburys?