Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday 8th March - Who is Cyril Buntin?

'Cyril Buntin' left a comment on 28th February...

For all non bird-watchers, a Cirl Bunting is a small finch-like bird. Sadly, Nick and Steve both verge on being twitchers and I think one of them must be responsible. They both deny any knowledge.

An email with this picture came from Steve this morning:


I think this may be Ciril on his way to the allotment.
Have a check up there lunchtime will you. He looks a bit aggressive with that implement and I worry about broken greenhouse glass

Would the real Cyril like to come forward?


Jack Daw said...

This Ciril Buntin topic is starting to make me spit feathers.
Can you please wing it to another subject.

Eddie Grundy said...

Does anyone need any good quality scrumpy to take their mind off Ciril?
Deliveries now made direct to your allotment shed. Hereford, Leominster & Ross areas every third Friday of the month.

Ring Ambridge 345428

Billy Bollockchops said...

The last two comments are totally sad and stupid. I am a fourteen year old, eager to learn about pollination and seed.
Please keep to the subject of the blog.
Billy Bollockchops [Blackburn]