Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday 29th March - The Red Baron

Our red onion sets have arrived which, according to the catalogue are, "A very attractive red skinned variety with pink and white flesh." Unfortunately their name, Red Baron reminds me of Spouse circa 2003, looping the loop in a ridiculously small, unsafe red airplane - the Silly Fokker!


Greenmantle said...

I must beg to differ...that, unless my eyes deceive it a Pitts Special...traditional doyen of aerobatics aircraft, and much beloved by Brian Lecomber and other such arial luminaries.
Spouse would seem to be a lucky stunt.

she who digs said...

Thanks for adding me to your front page- I'll do the same for Allotment 21 when I've worked out how! Sarah

Allotment No 21 said...

Or plane stupid.

den at punnair said...

Oh dear me Frankie, you don't half 'pilot' on sometimes. You shouldn't be 'landing' me with being a 'prop' to your punning - I really should 'take-off' my comments, or it might 'spoiler' good weblog.

Anyway, give me a 'wing' - I must 'fly' - I'm going to 'hangar' round for a while, down in 'Biggles'wade.

Sidney Flapparter said...

Den are you "plane" daft or just "loopy the loop"
Although you do seem to be a bit of a"hanger" on at times!
Any way must go I think i have left the "landing light" on

desperate den said...

I'll be 'avion' a quiet word with you all soon, before you 'chute' yourselves in the foot. I'd have liked the chance to 'chopper' few carrots up before I 'rotor' blog message like this, or I'd have 'copter' piece of your mind.

Anyway I'm 'Boeing' to bed now.