Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday 4th April - Mel's Guide to Pond Building

1. Collect tadpoles and frogspawn from your pond. In Mel's case, the frogs were breeding about 4 weeks ago and much of the frogspawn has turned into tadpoles. Dylan-the-dog stands guard in case an adult frog makes a leap for freedom.

2. Dig a hole and remember to cut pond liner in shed whenever a force 9 gale is blowing outside. If you forget, warn the neighbors that a 30 meter sheet of black plastic might temporarily envelop their house.

4. Sit in pond to prevent liner blowing away while securing edges under greenhouse and shed on either side. Line edges with big stones from the allotment.

5. Fill with water from the butt and release frogspawn with weed. In a few weeks a small army of frogs will eat all the teetotal slugs which have managed to avoid the beer traps.


Petunia's Gardener said...

I'm hoping that Petunia & friends eat slugs, but relocating the pond closer to the garden is a good idea... have to add it to the list. I still don't think our frogs from the pond last year have found their way back yet, and the other frogs in the area are still singing for all they're worth. Not to the spawn stage yet. In your area, is it especially windy in the spring or any time?

Allotment No 21 said...

We don't get many snakes in Herefordshire and our frogs don't make all that much noise which is a shame.

It's not normally as windy as this, Spouse & I were supposed to be on safety duty at the sailing club on Sunday but it was cancelled as Llangorse Lake is still flooded. Good job really as I suspect there would be a good few dunkings in all that wind.