Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wednesday 5th April - Bird-Box-Cam Update III

A longer movie clip taken at 8am(ish) in the morning. Neither tit roosts in the box overnight and each morning we see this ritual. Both appear on branches close to the box, the male goes into the box and calls his mate. If she doesn't come he looks out of the hole to check she is still there. Eventually she appears in the box and he flies off while she makes it comfortable. Much less nest building activity in the day now and my chocolate mini-eggs are at the ready.


Judith said...

Lovely video again - I reckon they've finished the nest and will lay eggs soon. Exciting!

Spouse said...

they are nearly always around the garden - they are going in the box less than they were, but of course it is almost finished now...they have brought in some fur/hair type stuff today, so looks like they are lining the nest!!