Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday 15th May - Next Question

More advice please... Derris dust or Derris liquid?? And any idea why some of the other plot holders have wrapped fleece around the bottom 3 feet of their bean poles? Is there some other dreaded insect that we have yet to discover?

In the meantime, Steve's dog Dylan is doing his bit by urinating on the little blighters.


Dave said...

Well, when you first plant out bean plants they're quite weak and feeble and at danger of getting blown to pieces by the wind, or frozen if there's a late frost. So a bit of fleece protection helps them get establised.


Greenmantle said...

Personally I think, the liquid is easier to use.

You mix a couple of capfuls in water, and apply it with a cheapo handheld sure to try and spray lower surfaces of leaves as well, as best as poss.

The dust is harder to target, and washes off when it rains.

Py spray is also very effective. You can find it here.

Anonymous said...

Hi - sorry for contacting you through the comments, but I couldn't find an email link.

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Allotment No 21 said...

Are you a nutter?

Or Steve?

Greenmantle said...

Well I was wondering that too Frankie, so I e-mailed the bloke, and got a fairly plausible, yet carefully worded answer back.

Their site is
Works OK, but is just a re-post of someone else's blog at the moment.

My interpretation of it is:

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Cynicism aside, it's not a bad plan, if it works.. or if we do the work that is.

I'll give it a go, just purely out of commercial curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Hi - i've never been acused of being carefully worded before :)

we are trying to be as transparent as possible in what we want to acheive. As I said, the eventual idea is to get some revenue from pay for click sponsorship, but we need content first.

For our part, we will work equally hard to get the blog noticed.
We are certainly not trying to rip anyone off - articles would remain the copywrite of the contributers and we would be happy to link back to the contributer's blog.

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Anonymous said...

Anon - you stand accused of spelling, incorrectly:
Would you pay me to proofread and/or libel read?

Allotment No 21 said...

Den - Please tell me that's you!

exmonkey said...

sorry, my spelting isnt very good when I am typing ad hoc.

That's why we need contributors! Can you imagine if I wrote all the articles - you'd probably have some kind of catastrophic cerebral event.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, allotment no 21, not Den - but a Barrister who gardens. Thinking of writing an article about the law of allotments ...

clairesgarden said...

what a laugh, the comments sometimes outweigh your gardening content!!

clairesgarden said...

sorry, I was laughing so much I forgot tosay about the fleece and the beans-- perhaps they're doing it because they saw somebody else do it and now nobody really knows why. did you think of asking them or are they not too friendly?

the original and genuine den said...

Definitely not me - I've just got back from Germany, and writing blog comments was the last thing on my mind...I did, however, manage to exchange a couple of gloriously un-pc McCartney/Mills puns with your Spouse...