Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday 13th May - Dinner

I was in an extremely good mood today as Spouse & I have survived 12 years of marriage and guitars and are off to the Stagg for dinner tonight. Then I nipped up to the plot and discovered that someone else has been enjoying a good meal - and it's not a person.

Does anyone know what this vile beast could be???


Clare said...

Congratualtions and comiserations.

Not able to help with pest identification (though after 12 years I;d have thought you'd be sorted on that score! ;-) )

joy bird said...

Hi,I presume this is spicy lettuce, and becuase this is not related to lettuce- but is part of the brassica family (along with cabbages, radishes, rocket and oil seed rape) it is prone to damge by the flea beetle (small black bug attracted to the colour yellow).
You could cover with fleece, or wait til later in the season,when the pest doesn't seem to be so much of a problem.

Allotment No 21 said...

Joy you are brilliant - it has ravaged the radishes, mizuna and rocket. Will whip out the fleece in the morning.


Greenmantle said...

Almost certainly Flea Beetle.
An absoluite devil for radishes and brasiccas. Some years are worse than others.

Radishes will recover if kept well watered so they can cope with it, but other leaf crop victims just don't look very palatable do they.

Fleece may well help a bit, but the little beggars get everywhere.

Only 100% solution is spraying, or applications of Derris Dust. If you are not organic of course that is.

WiZeR said...

SNAP! The little blighters are also attacking some of my lettuces. I was also advised Derris. I will try fleece too.