Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday 4th August - Bidding War

Four days and 12 hours left and I am now bidding up to £72. Have sinking feeling that Dig for Victory is right and the rotavator on ebay might fetch £100.

Am thinking evil thoughts about rival bidders involving shrivelled vegetables.


Greenmantle said...

This may be of help to you...

It's a website with a bidding engine that pretty much ensures you get in the last word as an e-bay auction closes - provided it's still within you max limit.

It's not 100% gauranteed if two bidders are using it of course, but friends of mine who make a living via e-bay use it all the time, and apparently it has a very high sucess rate in stopping you getting gazumped in the dying seconds.

Allotment No 21 said...

Sneaky stuff! When Spouse sold on of his guitars (why does he need 6 guitars?) I was online watching and they all bid in the final minute. They must have been using this site.

I wanted Clare at work to sent out evil reiki waves but software systems probably work better than reiki!

Fingers crossed.