Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday 15th September - Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

They look rather odd and take a lot of scrubbing but they taste delicious cold, mixed with allotment chives and mayo.

Am looking forward to the Abergavenny food festival on the weekend - it was at the last one that Mel & I decided to take on an allotment. I hope Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall doesn't keep following us around though, we couldn't escape the man in 2005 - he popped up everywhere!


she who digs said...

They look bizarre but it’s the taste that counts! (Reminds me of root ginger) Maybe Huge is after some tips having seen you blog? Hope the rain stays away for your visit. SWD

john curtin said...

Probably the best tasting roast potato after Charlotte of course. Try Anya which I think is a cross between Charlotte and PFA. Not as knobbly so makes cleaning them easier.