Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday 29th October - Seed Plan

The planning for next year is underway before this year has really finished. The "what not to grow" list is fairly easy as it is all the veg that we didn't eat. I have been scouring the catalogues and other blogger sites in order to grow more varieties of what I do like.

Spouse still thinks it's cheaper and easier to buy veg from a shop. I despair.


Tracy said...

As I cut up the last of the carrots for dinner last night, my own lovely Spouse said, "$3.00 for the seeds, $10 per hour for labor, so about $5.00 per carrot?" Spouses just don't understand.

Allotment No 21 said...

No they don't! we need a veg plot to get away from them sometimes :)

UKBob said...

How can spouse put a price on home grown stuff - does he not know what goes in to food from the supermarket?