Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday 15th March - Looney Sowing

Step 1
The giant marrow seeds have arrived from the chap pictured on the right here with his award winning veg. I am not giving too much away because blogs have ears and our rivals are watching... This is what the website said about them:

"If you fancy growing a giant marrow, either for competition or just to impress your friends, this is a guaranteed winner. It has the pedigree to grow to an immense size and has been re selected by the world record grower Richard Hope of Wigan. Believe it or not this monster is capable of growing to between 60 and 100lbs – Richard grew one in 2004 weighing 84 lbs."

Step 2
The yoga teacher at work has convinced me to sow the marrow seeds according to the phases of the moon although the medical herbalist swears by women's intuition. I am going to hedge my bets and do a bit of both. Clare will start reiki-ing as soon as they are sown and I might even get her to make up some aromatherapy oils to burn in the greenhouse. If you are mad enough to sponsor the soon-to-be-giant marrow, you obviously need your head examining. Our counsellor has already made a pledge.


clairesgarden said...

I tried the moon planting thing, however it is difficult to fit into a busy life, for example I once stayed up planting cauliflower till 2am using a head torch.. . .so I figured if I didn't buy the schedule I wouldn't worry about it, and then the money would come in handy for all those seeds that come in irresistable catalougues. . .ha, now I've got too many seeds so I may be up to 2am yet.
good luck with your marrow.

Anonymous said...

So... getting your marrow seeds from Medwyn eh?

The Rivals

Allotment No 21 said...

So you've bought them as well eh?

Anonymous said...

Bought them no. Where do you think Medwyn gets his marrow seeds from?